A lovely old late 17th/early 18th century, oak bible box with arched and folate decoration and with a later 18th century brass lock with its original key.
It originally would have had a hasp and staple which was replaced with its current lock, many years ago. Also has an 18th century brass escutcheon and the original wrought iron hinges.
Carefully cleaned, re-waxed and given a good polish. It has obtained quite a few shrinkage cracks over the years, which is only to be expected, and is all part of its character. Some of them, I've wax filled and it is overall in good stable condition. It has good colour and patination and a great looking antique which is also very practical!
Measurements: 68.5 cm wide, 43 cm deep and 23.5 cm high. Would accommodate a very big bible!

17th/18th Century Oak Bible Box with Carved Decoration & Lock & Key

  • Cleaned and restored (where necessary) to a high presentable standard. All you need to do is wipe over with a soft cloth from time to time. Occasionally use a spray furniture polish that contains bees wax, which will maintain its satin sheen. Please don’t use a silicone spray as this could be detrimental to the waxed surface.