A fine old large George III solid mahogany campaign style writing slope, reinforced with brass decoration. It contains two brass screw topped Crown inkwells and the original locks, one to open the box externally, and another for the inside top flap. Both have working keys that are period keys adapted to work in the old locks.
The top has a central rectangular brass cartouche with scalloped corners, inscribed with the name "Whipham". Maybe belonged to school master! It has a matching brass escutcheon and brass campaign brass carrying handles that pulls up from each end. The top opens, revealing the writing slope which has been fitted with a new green antiqued skiver with Grecian Key Pattern, gold tooling. Both writing slope flaps lift up in order to access storage areas beneath. Above the internal lock situated on the top flap, is a diamond shaped bone escutcheon. There is the original green ribbon on the underside of each flap, arranged in a criss cross fashion and used for holding business cards, notes etc. At the top end, there is a pen tray with removable pen tilt to the left, and to the right of this, a compartment for one inkwell with the other being situated in the right corner. A nib tray sits in between the two inkwells. The original inkwells must have at some time, been replaced with the Crown ones, as they weren't manufactured until later on in the 19th century. There is a large drawer at the base, which extends to the full length of the box. This can be  pulled out after a brass pin has been removed from the right hand side. The base has been give a new green base lining. I've also included a rather strange toy caterpillar which I found in one of the box compartments (see photo). It has some age to it and for all I know, could be as old as writing box itself!
Cleaned, re-waxed and polished. Carefully restored - again in terrific antique condition considering it is over 200 years old.
Measurements: 50 cm wide, 28 cm deep, and 19 cm high.

Georgian Writing Slope with Inkwells and Keys, circa 1810

  • Cleaned and restored (where necessary) to a high presentable standard. All you need to do is wipe over with a soft cloth from time to time. Occasionally use a spray furniture polish that contains bees wax, which will maintain its satin sheen. Please don’t use a silicone spray as this could be detrimental to the waxed surface.