A lovely old late 18th century mahogany veneered, table top cupboard. It contains a large bottom drawer with two smaller drawers above, and has three alcoves on top. This is all enclosed by a door, the perimeter of which, has been inlaid with a darker crossbanding with boxwood stringing on the inner borders. Stands on four bracket feet, and has what appears to be the original lock and key.
The drawers have mahogany fronts with the remaining parts constructed from oak, with the exception of the larger drawer which has a pitch pine drawer base. Each drawer has a small brass ring drop handle, with one of the smaller drawers having been given a home made one, which was made many years ago. The whole carcass of the cupboard is made from a mahogany veneer on top of pitch pine. The feet are made of mahogany with the back structure in oak. The boxwood stringing on the door, forms into a diamond shaped escutcheon. The steel lock looks to be consistent with the age of the cupboard, and the key works well, although it sits in the lock at a slight downward angle. I think the lock might have been forced at some point, owing to the wear on the left.
Cleaned, re-waxed and polished. There were a few old woodworm holes as you would expect to see. As a precaution, these were treated and wax filled. It is a good old solid antique table top cupboard, and worthy of being put to good practical use.
Measurements: 35 cm wide, 24 cm deep and 35.5 cm high.

Late 18th Century Table Top Cupboard with Drawers, Alcoves & Key

  • Cleaned and restored (where necessary) to a high presentable standard. All you need to do is wipe over with a soft cloth from time to time. Occasionally use a spray furniture polish that contains bees wax, which will maintain its satin sheen. Please don’t use a silicone spray as this could be detrimental to the waxed surface.

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