A rather nice Victorian Gentleman's rosewood veneered vanity box, with brass banding around the outer edges. The interior is fitted with glass jars and containers, having silver plated lids, a silver plated shaving brush, and other odds and ends which are essential in order to maintain an acceptable appearance of the Victorian Gentleman. Has a reversable looking glass, concealed within the interior of the lid, and also has its original brass lock with working key.
The top has a central rectangular brass cartouche with outer brass stringing, inscribed with the initials, "WB 1856", and it has a matching brass escutcheon to the front. It opens to reveal the contents that are set within a wooden tray that can be removed via two small handles. Underneath, it has a storage area that is divided into three sections. It has two small circular jars and a larger one, each having silver plated lids. There is also a rectangular container with a silver plated lid which has peirced decoration. The shaving brush is a rather good: It starts as a siver plated cylinder, and after the top has been removed, the brush can be pushed out from underneath and the top screwed onto the bottom end. There is also a pair of scissors and a nail file which are situated on a green velvet tray that can also be lifted out to access a storage area beneath. On the left hand side there is a green velvet lined compartment for cufflinks, and a few of the original Victorian ones still remain, along with some old colar stiffeners that are made from bone. The inside of the lid is lined with a gathered green velvet. To access the looking glass, you have to press a hidden catch that is situated behing the brass lock keep. With the catch held in, you need to tip the lid forward and the mirror will then tip out - it's easy when you know how to do it! As you can see from the photos, it probably wouldn't be a good idea to use the mirror for shaving. It has that destressed look which a lot antique collectors die for! There is also a hidden folder behind the mirror that has been infrequently used, going by its pristine condition. The base still has its original green hessian lining which is still in reasonably good condition and therefore wasn't necessary to replace.
It has been crefully cleaned, re-waxed and polished. The rosewood grain is particulary nice, with good colour and patination. The jar and containers haven't any chips or cracks and it is generally in excellent condition, with the usual scratches and scuffs that you would expect.
Measurements: 29 cm wide, 21 cm deep and just over 13 cm high.

Mid 19th Century Gentleman's fitted Vanity Box with Brass banding and Key, 1856

  • Cleaned and restored (where necessary) to a high presentable standard. All you need to do is wipe over with a soft cloth from time to time. Occasionally use a spray furniture polish that contains bees wax, which will maintain its satin sheen. Please don’t use a silicone spray as this could be detrimental to the waxed surface.

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