An extremely attractive and well made Regency mahogany tea caddy with Bristol blue mixing bowl and original lock with antique key adapted to work, circa 1820.
The top lifts to reveal the mixing bowl, sitting in its central reservoir, flanked either side by the two removable tea canisters. The hand blown mixing bowl looks to be the original one, as it balances quite nicely within its circular aperture, with its top pretty much in line with the canisters. They have brass hinged lids and their inner foil linings have been at some stage, properly re-instated. In fact, when it came into my possession, they were both full to the top with tea, and so, obviously used, which I find rather nice. The brass escutcheon to the front is typically Georgian and it sits on four solid brass spherical feet, that are screwed onto sturdy brass brackets. I've never seen such well made feet - they are usually made from hollow brass and are fixed to the base in a rather haphazard way. The inside of the lid is lined with red waxed paper, as is the mixing bowl reservoir, and also under the removable tea canisters. This was very popular around this period and I can understand why, as the red seems to enhance the mahogany by reflecting in the original French polished finish.
Sympathetically cleaned, re-waxed and polished. The has in the past been a some minor veneer restoration, which has been done properly and the veneer is now in quite stable condition. A very nice presentable antique, that can in fact be used, although I think I'll stick to tea bags!
Measurements: 33 cm with, 16.3 cm high and 19 cm high.

Regency Tea Caddy of Sarcophagus form, with Bristol Blue Mixing Bowl & Key

  • Cleaned and restored (where necessary) to a high presentable standard. All you need to do is wipe over with a soft cloth from time to time. Occasionally use a spray furniture polish that contains bees wax, which will maintain its satin sheen. Please don’t use a silicone spray as this could be detrimental to the waxed surface.

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